Documents to be verified for purchasing agriculture land in Andhra Pradesh,

Dear sirs, I am trying to purchase some Agri land in Chitoor district of AP.

Will some of you help me in giving the , required documents to be verified and process of documentation etc. Any information regarding care to be taken in purchasing Agri lands in AP, may be narrated.

Please try to help me in purchasing Agri lands in AP state.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Rao garu,

Not an expert in this area, here is some information that might be helpful

Look for these docs.

Try to go MRO office preferably with someone has relevant knowledge and departmental connections to see these documents. Also, ask the revenue officials to help verify the authenticity of the property you are trying to purchase.

  1. SFA
  2. Diglot

Look for these docs online in Webland
1B (sub-registrar won’t register property if this is not in order)

Pass book, Ownership deeds if they have been issued to them.

Take an Encumberance certificate for 33 years.

Ask for copies of the above documents along with copies of the sale deed and link documents (if applicable).

Take these docs to an informed lawyer and get his/her opinion. Get additional information as required based on their feedback.
Ask your lawyer to place an AD in a prominent newspaper soliciting any objections to purchase of property.

If all looks good, you could proceed once your lawyer gives you the green signal.

Hope this helps, good luck with your search.


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Dear Sri Raj,

I will follow your valuable information , before commitment of purchase. Thank you .
With best wishes, g.p.rao. farmer.

Dear Mr. Rao,
I am also finalising the purchase of agri land in Chittoor Dist, AP. I cannot read, write or speak the Telugu language but am keen not to lose this opportunity.
I would like to draw from your experience and insight, esp regarding the scrutiny and verification of documents and the Govt Offices.
Please let us know how best to go ahead in this regard.
Thanks, Shankar