Do not level your lands!

Many a times I see here folks talking about “land leveling” and wanted to share a thought that if you have a land that has a slope that is a great advantage. Please do not level your lands!

  1. Water harvesting can be done on lands which have a slope. Using contour mapping you can stop, slow and hold water that you need on your lands.
  2. If you disturb the land by leveling your displacing top soil.

Mr. Madhu10,

  1. your idea is good but it will work only for the rain crop to hold the rain water harvesting. Generally most of the cultivating crops on level lands only & need study flow water harvesting.
  2. Regarding disturbing of land you can do leveling according to soil conditions & make step leveling. This method will save the water & make your land level & you can enjoy with all type of crop under rain water harvesting or mechanical water supply harvesting.