Distance between one and another bore well in Hyderabad

Hello Experts,

I heard that there is a rule in Hyderabd (Medak district) that there should be some specific feet/meter distance between one borewell (existing borewell nearby) and the other that has to be dug.

Anybody has any idea about it?

Please share.

While searching on the net I came across the WALTA ACT of Andhra Pradesh and here it goes


Whatever I could understand from this document that is written in legal language (I am weak in understanding these); the distance of 250 meter to be maintained between one and another bore wells are only applicable for those bore wells that are being used for drinking water by the public. This rule doesn’t apply for the irrigation wells. ie. if any bore well is there in the nearby area within 250 meter vicinity, another bore well can be dug.

If any experts are reading this, kindly go through the document above and try to make us understand and clarify this in easier term, if possible.


Any one, looking for response on this please.

Hi Rameshwari

We have a farm in Medak and we were digging for water a few months back. Apparently there is a legal notification that you have to take permits to dig borewells anywhere in the state, but it is not followed.

Though the mandal offices, water boards, geology departments have their rules, there is a common sense practice which is used by all villagers. The practice usually is to notify all your neighbours who own land adjoining your property and ask them to come to the drill site along with senior folks in the village. If any objections are there, like drilling within a certain distance, and anyone objects, they can stop the drilling right there.

That is what I call as proper enforcement. Farmers do realize the effect of improper drilling and will not allow indiscriminate drilling. So it is best to contact the farmers in your neighbourhood and they will let you know the proper process.

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Appreciate your response. I have just bought the land and things will start soon.

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The distance determined by the village often overrides statutory specification.
It is 30 yards from the nearest bore in some of the villages in Medak.