Disease in Capsicum - need help [solved - Magnesium deficiency]

Hello Sir,

We had planted capsicum seedlings, Syngenta - Orebello and Bombi variety. Initially some seedlings died due to damping off diseases but that is in control now.
However I have started noticing another issue with some plants, the leaf start to yellow from outer edges. This is happening in the plants that are near the edge of greenhouse and are the first plants to recieve the wind when we lift the curtains.
Please check the pics and guide me on what the issue is and how to control.

Thanks in advance.

Magnesium deficiency. You can dissolve Epsom salt in water to have a foliar spray.

At least that’s what I think it is.

Doesn’t look like insect damage since there does not seem to be upward or downward crinkling. Since the old leaves are yellowing between veins, agri_exec’s diagnosis of Mg deficiency seems likely. Have you eliminated causes such as low light and excess water?

Best guesses anyway!  :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi niksnarayana,

Did you manage to get this issue addressed and how?

Sorry for not replying earlier.
Yes it was Mg deficiency as with application of Mag sulphate in drenching, the leaves started to regain.

Thanks to all


Good news and full marks to agri_exec! :sunglasses:

Dear Nikhil,

Good to know that your problem was resolved. However, for a standing crop, it is better to use chelated micronutrients. My experience states that cost per application is reduced, efficacy is better and results are long lasting. To know more you might like to get in touch with me as under