Disadvantage of Teak Leaves

Dear Experts,

I am having Teak wood trees (approx. 30 trees, 8 yrs old) around boundary and mid lines in 2.5 acres. Now i proposed to plant Mango trees inside boundary.  I heard that Teak wood leaves will not decay easily in soil.  Is it True? Please suggest me, If any problem with the leaves to new mango saplings which are proposed to plant.

Thank you,

There is no harm with teak leaves(at least never heard).  Let nature do its job. Why do you want faster decaying? Dont see it as garbage.
It is helping you in retaining moisture of soil and add ing organic carbon to soil.

If you want faster degradtion you can put cow dung slurry on leaves. If you want more advanced methods, you can use pleurotus(mushroom based micro organism) and many more are there.

Teak leaves are fantastic as other tree leaves. Don’t worry at all. It in fact it decays much faster than you can think of, in the presence of moisture. Only when it is dry, it looks so hard.

You won’t get anything grow well near any teak tree!