Direct Application of Phosphoric acid as fertilizer to Plants as source of Phosphorous

Can we use Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) 85% feed grade or agriculture grade as fertilizer to provide Phosphourous to plants?
is this form absorbed or uptaken by plants?
because it contains phosphorous in acidic form…
Land pH: 8.0 to 8.5
Note: i am talking about PhosphoRic acid and dont get confused with PhosphoRous acid. because both are different but with similar names.
Please help me with this.

Yes, it can be used in dilute forms, some peoples advice to use this acid for drip tube cleaning too so that you achieve 2 benifits

Thanks Rajan for the reply. i 've few more questions. i hope you 'll try to answer.
What i heard is that plants uptake phosphorous only in H2PO4 form. but Phosphoric acid is H3PO4 (with 3 hydrogen ions instead of 2). 'll it (H3PO4) be converted to H2PO4 with reaction of soil or plants 'll uptake it directly without any conversion?
Secondly, How much should be applied to one acre of wheat crop? through fertigation (using drum).
Really appreciated,
Thanks once again.