Digging Traditional Open Well

Can anyone tell me the cost of digging a traditional open well in the Pune region of Maharashtra?

Also how long it takes?

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See in my opinion The cost of digging a traditional open well in the Pune region of Maharashtra can vary depending on various factors such as the depth of the well, the type of soil, and the availability of water. On average; the cost can range from ₹15,000 to ₹30,000 or more.

As for the time it takes, again, it depends on the depth and the soil condition. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete the digging process.

Hope this would be helpful to you.

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Seems too low an estimate.

Using an excavator with tracks, and assuming a few hundred hours, it will easily run into a few lakh rupees.

Around South Wester Karnataka and Kerala, the labour change for layering up the artisan well with laterite or double size bricks is about 1.15 to 1.25 lakhs per mundu if the well diameter is between 16 ft to 25ft. Here mundu is a reference to shoulder height of a person which would be approx 5 feet. Material is extra.

For wells with lower diameter, the cost per 5 feet of labour would be lesser. You may guesstimate the material cost if you know the price of single piece of double rock brick or hard laterite (with less yellowish lime content and not yielding red muddy water using pressure water gun) and the number of pieces of rock per circle. 1 mundu would be approx 6-7 layers of bricks if they are 8-10inch tall. Also keep in mind that the bricks are laid along the narrower side with the smallest face facing inwards into the well, so that the wall is thickest and takes more bricks in the circumference than a normal house construction style would.

You would also have to estimate the price of the concrete ring foundation that goes at the bottom of the well upon which the rocks are layered. The traditional style is to lay the rocks on the concrete foundation and dig at the same time so that the wall sinks down at the same rate at which the layers are added.

For a wield guess a well of 25ft depth with 25ft diameter constructed using hard laterite or double size rocks is approx 11-12lakhs, including labour, material and the JCB, crane charges. If you hit the water, the speed reduces and you need at least a 3 hp motor running constantly and more time with the crane lift to raise soggy mud to the surface. A good well with pump and piping is approximately the cost of 3-4 borewells with casing and pumps installed.

The best time of the year is to start the work in April and finish by mid may.

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Thanks for the detailed answer. This helps a lot.

ThnQ It is depending upon the Labour Cost in Your Area. The digging Cost will be on Digging Cft. basis. You enquirer in your Local area and Decide. I am advising you to go for Drilling a Borewell instead of Open well . Bore well is better than the Open well. in view of the going lower water levels due to Drought conditions Prevailing .
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