Digging an open well

Hi All,

I heard about rigs which can also dig or remove mud from open wells, but have not got any credible leads to find a vendor. If any member has used or visited such machine or well, please share your inputs. I have an open well which needs to be cleared with mud and cannot pursue it manually as well side walls have become soft and is now risky.

PLease do advice if you have any alternatives.


Even me interested to know this.

In a two weeks we are starting in our open well removing fall down mud in Yrragudipadu chimakurthy mandal u can find out location in google maps search “yrragudipadu andhra pradesh”

Ravi (HYD)

Mr. Vamshi,

As u had mentioned u fear for digging an open well further, Manually, as your well Side walls have become soft & as such it is risky to pursue manually,

I would suggest that, If have a good sustainable yield from your existing open Well, u can, Install the Round shape precast RCC rings of 3ft / 4ft diameter as per the Diameter / Width & Length of the Open Well, with the round stone aggregate around the Rings upto the Static / Stayable Water Level in your well. & Place a screened / slotted PVC pipe submerged into the water bearing zone & plain above, Just like a Straw in the Glass (refer to the attached image).

This would save u any risky expenditure, because, as your well walls are in collapsable condition, further excavating or cleaning will yield you nothing, as it would again get refilled when walls collapse.

May u have any further queries? plz do not hesitate.