Digging a bore well Vs. Revamping Half-Dug Traditional Well

Seeking advise on this topic Digging a bore well Vs. Revamping Half-Dug Traditional Well… In front of me is our ancestral property always a rainfed farming without chemicals ( never seen chemicals ) … We did do a 440 feet bore well with enough water but unfortunately without power running on diesel is not that productive for farming though the water is used for the Malai Vembu Tress ( Melia Dubia approx. 200 in the form of Drip Irrigation from the raised tank filled occasionally with Diesel run engine).

We’ve a half dug well ( as of now @ 17 feet depth … actually 20 feet but rain water and mud collected over a period time covers 3 feet… This well is 12 feet x 8 feet in size ( see picture before and after monsoon )… We did come across a company which can dig 6 feet x 4 feet area for a cost Rs. 2000 per feet… My confusion is to go for digging just this 6’ x 4’ for another 30 feet depth costing approx… Rs. 65,000 … Interested in knowing any other machineries or companies digging wells before moving ahead… Main reason for digging well is to use pedal pumps if we are able to get more water…




With out electricity operate a borewell is expensive with diesel engine.

Did you calculate buying a power tiller to use as a generator to operate the borewell water or any low cost generators (Hope neighbours will not quarrel for noise)

Hopefully power tiller after subsidy will be 90000. With an alternator, It can be used as generator to operate borewell motor.

Digging well will not help in summer if it is not more than 60 feet depth. Again you need power to irrigate from 60 feet (Hand pedal won’t help).

Best is find ways to irrigate from borewell, and use the existing well in rainy days or water available days.
Apply and try to get electric power supply.

Spending additional investment in digging well will not help much. The ground water level decreasing every summer.

Right now using a Compressor occasionally for the Edge Trees alone. Was thinking about the well which always had extra work. Thanks AGRI 1972 for your feedback. Appreciated.

Pl go for borewell. You can get permanent source at a higher cost.

Now i am curious, whats the final solution you have got in?

dug well or bore well?