Difficulty of being a farmer

Hello ,

First time poster here.  Can someone answer following questions please ?

  1. My maternal grandfather is a farmer. Does that make me a farmer ? or eligible to get a farmers certificate ? Note that , on 7/12 mother’s of my name does not appear.

  2. There are 6 members in my family. ( Father,Mother , myself and wife , 2 brothers ) , Right now , I am the only one who is working and earning and our annual income is more than 2 lacs. ( 20 L per ann to be precise) under 30 % tax bracket.

Considering 1 and 2 , my  question is , can I buy agri land on my name in Maharashtra ? If not on my name, how about wife or mother’s ? ( note that family income is more than 2 Lac)

Please note that I am  interested in buying agri land purely for agriculture and only legally.

Thanks for your time .

    Since your maternal grandfather is a Farmer it makes your mother a Farmer . I wonder why name of your mother will not be there in 7/12, even if your mother is not given any share in land her name would have been recorded on it , please verify .

If I remember correctly, two types of names are there in 7/12, 1st one who will inherit land legally, second ones who will not inherit but are legal heirs .

Even if your mothers name is not there in 7/12 you have to prove that your grand father was farmer and your mothers relationship with ration card etc. This is enough to buy land on your mothers name .  Ideally whenever a person dies names of all the legal heirs will be entered by default in 7/12 .

Note: You have get connected with Talathi and dig out land records, then its easy. Generally village peoples tend to change 7/12 by all means, some times even Talathi may not cooperate, but you have to convince that you are not interested in share of existing land but wanted to become farmer without hurting anyone .

I am not sure whether you will be able to buy on your name, but your mother will be definitely able to buy .
Since you are the only person working in family, returns is filed by  you and not your mother .

You can also approach Tehsildar/AC/DC and request to provide farmer status. You will have to swear an affidevit that the land will be used only for agriculture purpose.

All depends on tehsildar. If he is young he will definitly understand and will help you.

But there is such a provision under law.

The aplication must give your background and work profile etc to convince them you are not a realator or tax evader.

Thanks Prashant and Sri. Appreciate the valuable inputs.

I guess , once I have obtained proof of being a former , I will talk to Tahsildar to see if I can purchase the land purely for agri purpose.

Thanks again.

I was suggesting you to meet tehsildar to get farmer status.

Hi? Better you consult with Advocate for getting answers to all of your questions as Farmers knows farming, Advocate knows legal issues.


You Can Happily Purchase the Land in Maharastra,since you are the Born citizen of Maharastra and your Family members are Farmers.There will not be any Restriction to Purchase Land.