Differences in Tilled and No Till Soils.. Interesting


Seeing is believing. We all have read and heard about this. But what is shown in this video is definitely an eye opener.

The key to be able to get into no-till is to manage the weeds without using chemicals. Standard no-till depends quite a bit on herbicides, so seems a little tough to fit into an organic/chemical free regime.

This is an area to delve deeper into.

Chandra, there are no weeds if you mulch. Weeds are a factor of how much of your soil is exposed to sun. Block this exposure and there are no weeds. Remember Back to Eden film about the guy that uses wood chips as mulch and doesn’t need to water or weed thereafter? Tons of people have put those ideas into practice if you look up Youtube.

But mulching has been around much longer. It’s part of Subhash Palekar’s process. Subhash Sharma recommends it. The Permaculture people recommend it. Bhaskar Save does it. Fukoka used green mulching too. So weeds do not have to be an issue in organic farming methods.

Hi newbie. Agree on mulching.

I am practising plastic mulching at the moment, but obviously organic mulching would be the way to go.

There are a couple of limitations here - organic mulch is hard to get in the quantities we need - I am however planning to gather all my maize stalk for the purpose this time; I also have thoughts to grow green manure just to cut and use for mulch but it would require considerable water. Also with organic mulch, there is a big hazard of putting the whole farm on fire, should a friendly neighbour be annoyed for some reason.

I agree with Chandra.The problem with organic mulch is the fire hazard.I experienced it first hand las t summer when a spark from a welding machine burnt down every blade of grass on my land and along with it about 1/4 acre toor and all the gacchakaya along my fence which had been nurtured for over a year. This year I have still persisted with it but I have much more to lose since I have planted more than 800 fruit trees.I plan to put up sprinklers in the planted area before summer to prevent a repeat of this. I would appreciate it if anybody has any ideas on fire prevention.

With no-till, green manure and mulching, what’s the best way to sow for next green manure? Just broadcast?

Below is a demo for your question

If you use brush cutter for cutting cover crop, you can use a seed drill

Do you know of a place where I can procure the seeder shown? Thank you Sri!

It is avaialable in GKVK Hebbal, If you check in AP agri universities you should find it. You will get tractor mounted seeders in all tractor showrooms.

If you visit krishimela this weekend in Bangalore you will get it.