Difference between all 17 and all 19

What is the difference between the two?
In other words, why would you have 2 different fertilizers with minimal weight difference ?

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All 19,  that represents    19 kg Nitrogen  19 kg phosphorus  19 potash  /100 kg  Fertilizer like all 17.

Both are Fertilizer combinations of NPK. In that also  eg. Nitrogen - available in two forms ,ie. Ammonical

Nitrogen, second is Nitrate - nitrogen. If you more doubts contact me.

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Please tell me what is the diifernce between 19 all spray and 19 all solids and which one you reccomend

Hi Savera farms & Colours,

Kindly go thru this website. This will clear all your doubts. The main numbers only indicate the % of NPK per KG.

mangalorechemicals.com/produ … p?links=fp

mangalorechemicals.com/produ … inks=20200



Good info Murali - so it looks like the forms of the nutrients vary in proportions quite a bit.