Did you know this?- The rice variety doesn't need cooking

There is a rice veriety from Eastern Zones of India (Assam,Odisha,Bihar, Coastal AP). The speciality of this rice is, it does not need cooking. Soak in lukewarm water for 30min. Rice is ready to eat.

Yes. you read it correctly, Every person who listens first time(including me) about this says “ullu mat banao yaar”

The name of the veriety is called komal

see below link for more info
currentscience.ac.in/Downloa … 0015_0.pdf

By the way this information originally sourced by our forum member Subramani G.R. He found it with a farmer named Ghani Khan(Mysore) who has a collection of more than 700 rice and more than 150 mango verieties.

Sad news is, Komal is not successfull in other region than it is originally grown. We can just dream about it. :frowning:


You posted this on April 1st. How can we trust this :slight_smile:


Good one. yes it is hard to believe. I knew such questions would come, so I gave the link of the PDF.

Do we have anyone from Assam on our forum?

Yes, known about it for some time. Did not know it can’t be grown elsewhere. Last I heard scientists had taken the seeds and were trying to grow it in other regions.

yeah, the variety has hit india…