Dharwad Krishi Mela

Hello Farmnestians,

Is anyone coming to Dharwad krishi mela this saturday/sunday?  We can meet there and visit stalls in a group.


Yes i will be there on saturday to Monday

This morning I got an idea, Those who cannot attend and want any information on any product or any crop please post questions below members or I can help.

For example: Is there any brush cutter costs less than 10K? or
are there any paddy verieties yields less tha 90 days? if so where do we get seeds?

We will try to find answers from the mela.

Hi All,

If anybody finds a low cost Paddy thresher please collect the info.


kindly mail full details URGENTLY I am interested to Attend Sir.

farmnest.com/forum/farming-news- … -sep27-30/

There were big threshers from shaktiman industries.

Dear Sri,

I thank you for meeting at Dharwad Krishi Mela, a wounderful day spent with you, the knowledge shared.  Looking forward for your association in future also.

Regards / Krishnaprasad

Dear farmers,

Let me share few of the points which I have noticed in Krishi Mela as follows;

  1. No. of visitors more than what we had in Bangalore GKVK (may be)

  2. No. of stalls less than GKVK

  3. All Polyhouse /Shade net displays was not in good shape as crops have attached by pests and viruses.  And to our surprise no technical specification boards/staff to explain.

  4. From Bangalore I have driven my car to stay and learn for three days.  I have spent only one and half days only. The Sunday was marked to meet and spend with Mr. Sri, if he was not attending mela I would have left on sunday morning only. 

Balance details when ever i get mood to type. Request Sri to add more.

Regards / Krishnaprasad

The prominent change I am noticing is More of Bio Pesticide and Bio Cultures and Bio compost from most companies. Major Chemical fertiliser companies also adding bio products to their list.

BCS Reaper binder, Sickle bar mowers and fertiliser dispenser were on display this was missed all other melas


I picked up desi seed of bittergourd which is very rare.