Designing Buffalo and Cow Shed with Urine and Dung collection Tanks


I am in the process of constructing a small Shed for 1 buffalo and 2 cows. It will be a 20x10 area which is 2ft elevated from the ground. I need help designing floor so that Urine and Dung are collected in nearby tanks (may be 10ft) so that smell can be minimized. I have been looking for pictures but so far I could not find any.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


See this video … 0AB2C4DB60

He has buried a pot (see video at 17.3min). the pot is about 25 lit capacity. He collects it from the pot every day. If you are into natural farming it is worth visiting him.

He has mosambi and moring crops. When we visite his farm, it just looked like a oasis in a desert. Kilometers of barren land and his farm was lush green in summer.

See below schematic diagram for a gomutra collection pit. It is a simple septic tank with a sludge pump. any village side plumber can do this for you.
gomutra-collection-pit.pptx (158 KB)

Hi Sri,

Just curious…what is the use of the trap and sludge pump? My design is pretty simpler…I allow the urine to collect directly in the tank…i.e no trap and sludge pump. We do surface level/flood irrigation in our farm and I have the labor pour couple of buckets of urine to the water channel (ie it gets mixed and goes to the field)…


Thank you Sri.

The request was for odur free design. Without gully trap this cannot be achived. Gully trap will have water alway in it. it prevents odur,insects coming back from the pit.
Need for sludge pump:
When we wash barn dung also flows in the gutter and trap and to tank. An ordinary pump cannot handle dung accumulated in tank.

the video is removed.