Designing a fruit picking device. Need to know the economics of mango picking

Hi Everyone,
I am student pursuing my bachelors degree in Agricultural and Food Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, India’s premier research organization. I am working on developing a fruit picking machine for mango. I have studied the already existing machines in India. I am interested to know the economics involved in picking mangoes. I am seeking answers to the question like How many trees on an average are there in one acre land. What is the average no. of fruits on a tree. how many labours are employed for picking in one acre per day. What is the labour wage. How long is harvesting season. And what is the preferred mode of picking, Hand picking or by pole. Any/All suggestions are welcome.


1 acre will have 35-40 trees if it ild farm. Now a days different methods are being adopted like high density, ultra high density.
Plucking habits differs from place to place.
Fruits pertree depends on age/climate/maintance etc. Average yeild of 10 yera old tree is 1quintal. There are many instances yeilding up to 5 quintals.
Harvesting starts in March and continues till June. Peak season is May.
Fruits from tall trees are plucked by poles, below two labours spread a gunny bag and catch it.