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Those who want to know the Milk Yield of Desi Cows, please try agricultureforeverybody.blogspot … ional.html.

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As usual, true to your nature, you have provided very valuable inputs in a very detailed & precise way.
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We have come across reports of our Indian Cows in Australia, Brazil, etc. yielding much higher quantities
of milk. Can you please tell us how we can speedily improve the yield of our better yielding cows like Gir, Sahiwal
& Tharparkar. These Westerners have a very different approach towards Dairy Farming. They consider Cows
as a Unit of Production for Commercial Production & have achieved this results with both our Desi & their local
breeds. However, traditionally, our  Indian Farmer looked at our Cows as GOMATA and used it mainly for
producing Bulls & Manure for agricultural needs. The calf irrespective of its gender got priority over the milk produced
by the cows.
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Please refer to this link for the person who can help in improving the milk yield of desi cows… … 7/#msg7607

Going forward, all the nations in the world will move to Desi type of cows due to global warming will increase the temperature and the Desi cows are known to withstand heat.

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Kindly add one more column about : How many years do cows live?

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In the year 2002/3, I had visited NDRI Campus at Adugodi, Bangalore and observed that they have a
shed erected in the memory of a Friesian Cow which was born there & had lived for 20 long years giving
birth to 18 calves & totally yielding 1,50,600 odd litres of milk. I met the then Chief Scientist Dr.Bhaskar
and asked him if it is possible now to have such cows. He said it is possible to a good extent depending on
feed, feed growing methods & environment etc. Can you imagine the additions & the size of the family of this
cow in the 20 years of its lifetime considering the fact such cows come in estrous in 12 to 14 months & calve
in 24 months. Even by the theory of probability where we can assume that every other calf born is a cow calf,
9 cows born to this cow could have added a mind boggling no of cows in 20 years of the Mother Cow.

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How many years does Gir cow live?

How many years does Sahiwal cow live?

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