Desi Breed Cows that give good yield of milk

Desi Breed Cows that give good yield of milk.

Near to Vijayawada.

Could you please explain about Desi Breed cows further details ?

Our Desi breed cows Gir,Red Sindhi,Sahiwal,Rathi,Gangatiri,Tharparkar,Kankrej,Deoni,Ongole,Lal Kandhari/Red Kandhari,Gaolao,Malnad Gidda,Kasargodu,Vechur,Kangayam,…

Is HF breed is better than Desi breed?

Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. So both cannot be compared with same yard stick.

are you selling or buying the animals?

Is HF cow is viable option to start a dairy farm?

vishal let me give a blunt and hard answer

by reading all your posts it seems you are very nascent to agriculture and more so for dairy farming
before you start anything get a training

best training is from KARNAL NDRI
other options KVK baramati … 0laval.pdf

extremely sorry but training starts tomorrow in kvk baramati (may be today if you are reading this message on 24/04/2015)

also let us know how much land do you have
whats the market price of milk where you want to start dairy?
whats the labour availability and cost

Hello KHannae ji

I dont have enough land. I have only 1 acre of land.

Sale price of milk in my area
Co operative society takes milk @ Rs -26/ liter
if I sale milk directly to customer then @ Rs 32-34 /liter

Labour is very expenses in my area
per day labour charges is Rs-200

I am planning to use milking machine

Plz help me

hi vishal
with one acre of land you can only maintain 7-8 cows with difficulty
and if you are constructing cattle shed in same land then space available for fodder cultivation is much less
direct marketing to consumers always fetches better money

usingg milking machines is a good idea

Again most things depend on how much land you have, market for the end products, [color=red]HOW MUCH YOU CAN INVEST[/color] simple purchasing lot of cows with everything you have is not good . optimise your expenditure and work out a balance plan

I know i dont have enough land, dat y i am considering hydroponic fodder system for green fodder requirement.

hello vishal,

i found this link while searching forum , as i am also planning to do same if you have any other idea please share


Kindly tel me of Desi Cow where is available  good breed ple… send  me details …

Found this nice short video on Milk breeds of our nation:

It gives names and approximate milk production of different breeds.

thank you for sending…

but  which place available if nay Suppliers details u know ple share …