Desert locust swarm - Holocaust in India

The desert locust which originated in Africa fed gregariously on green vegetation post monsoon in Ethiopia and adjacent countries , multiplied and migrated from there and swarmed through Oman into Iran where it devastated crops , then passed into Pakistan where it increased the size of its army and settled in border districts of India. .Nearly half of the 33 districts in Rajasthan have been attacked by LOCUST SWARM and 50000 ha of crops were lost in Mathya Pradesh .Feared it may next move into UP, Punjab , Haryana ,Chandigarh and cause great loss of crops there .The locust swarm about 1 square mile size is capable of destroying so much as the quantity of food consumed by 35000 people a day .controling this locust swarm is a challenge for us .Some tips to prevent this desert locust swarm is given below .
10 kgs of hot green chillies +5 kg of garlic +5 kgs of small onion ground into past and put in 10 lit of native cow urine .In about 2 days mix 2 lit of this chilli based extract in 15 lit water and spray over the crop . Spray Neem based products @ 3-5 ml in one lit of water as deterrent . Strike loud metal sound ,raise alarm through radio or electronic devices in the field to scare the locust . Finally you can resort to synthetic chemical spray

good suggestion, we can try it.