Demonstration Farms

Hi all,

I am in the early stages of researching demonstration farms in India. I am slowly developing a list of potential sites to visit in order to gather inspiration and ideas to assist in the development of a demonstration farm near Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

I would welcome all suggestions for sites to visit, particularly those in Maharashtra, or those in drought prone areas.

Thank you all in advance


I am not sure what you mean by demo farms, usually agricultureal universities will have such things.

Farmers will have fully functional farms.
Check below link if you are looking for this … /#msg10916

If this what were looking for building contact would be from local agri magzines,local krishivani on FM radio and krishidarshan on DD and E TV annadata or any other agri related programs.
They broadcast progarms on achivements of prgressive farmers.

Another method is to contact local agricultural office. They will guide you who are the progressive farmers in that area. They will have contacts because it is their resposibility to record the yield of the crops for Governnance, thus they will have progressive farmers list.

Thank you so much for your reply, the link you provided is very useful.

You are quite right though, I should have been more specific. I am indeed looking for examples of progressive farming, but specifically I am looking for Demonstration Farms of non-profits.

If anyone happens to know of an NGO organisation that has a demonstration farm used for training purposes please send me a link. A good example would be Navdanya, which has demonstrations in biodiversity.

Thanks again