Demo of Hardware and Software Automation Devices on a Hydroponic Farm

We are super excited to launch our demo hydroponic setup in Mumbai this week. This fully automated unit takes up around 30 square feet of space and has a capacity of approximately 300 plants. Each function can be remotely controlled including the water pumps, lights, fans and dosing system using our proprietary farm management software, Phyfarm. The practical use of these our Hardware can be scaled for even farms up to 2 acres. Set your desired EC, pH, Temperature and RH parameters using our hardware/software and watch the systems do all the work for you!

If you’re growing enthusiast we are more than eager to schedule a free demo visit to our farm. Please respond with your details on the type form below or as a comment:

Why Physiz?
When it comes to controlled farming, we are the leading software and hardware automation solutions provider in India. We are growing rapidly, working with over 10 large conglomerates, and covering more than 100 acres of controlled and hydroponic farms in the country.