Demand for Aloe Vera and future for Aloe Vera farming

Dear Friends

I would like start to Aloe Vera farming in commercial scale…

Kindly advice on market , prospects and demand for Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a useful commercial crop.In case you can learn the technique of pulp extraction and preparing aloe vera juice your venture will be sucessful.The CIMAP lucknow provides training in taking out pulp making various products in its campus.There are various other institutions  in every state where aloe related training is provided.You can also visit Raipur in Chhattisgarh where aloe vera is grown in large quantity in fields and utilised for various products in the local factories.The aloe is very simple to grow crop.It can be sent to long distance totally uprooted(in nude) and easily transplanted in new fields.This multiplies in leaps and bounds and within 6 months your crops gets a manifold increased status.Each plant grows 5-6 new plants in 6 months time.You can also sell the fresh aloe vera plants to local farmers @2/- per nude plant.This crop does not require excessive water,protection from wild animals,insects or protection from human population.

The cultivation of Aloe Vera is not a big challege nor is the post processing, but most imp factor while going for Aloe vira farming is the MARKET

If you can find the market (ofcourse dont find market after your product is ready) then for sure its profitable, but if you havent done market research, i would advise you to put some time into this.

You are correct only to very limited extent.Market is most important but there are many aloe vera manufacturers with different risk appetites.Till the time you have a sample product of your own you can not approach the market.The first thing is to learn the production technique,observe the products as are existing & their demand pattern in the market.You have to read the market or seek professional guidance from some knowledgeable person who knows the ins and out  of this field .Lot many errors of permutation and combinations will take place before you gain foothold there.Kindly see to it that cart is not put before the horse.It is done otherwise.Whom will you influence without any product.Simple word of mouth will not suffice in the market which is most ruthless place to decide any one’s fate.