DEDS Scheme Info


I am planning to start a small Dairy Farming Project. I’ve planned to buy about 20 buffaloes and will farm about 4-5 Acres of land for their fodder requirements.

Recently I’ve come to know about NABARD’s DEDS scheme that provides subsidy for such projects. After I consulted a Civil Engineer (who is known for making bankable projects), to my surprise he informed me that even though the scheme is valid, banks are not interested in providing finance & hence reject the loan application.

Can some experts here shed some light on the issue.


Dear Prasham
All nationalized banks are willing to finance projects under DEDS .To know more about DEDS please visit deds page of my website  .You can go through my postings “ Free Bankable Animal Farming project report “of farmnest forum . If you face any difficulty you can contact me.  Dr.A.K.Kar

I know the scheme is prevailing but what I’ve heard is that the officials of Nabard, Bank and Insurance companies (may be at my place) aren’t willing to process applications for this scheme.

Dear Prasham
It is totally unfair to blame bankers even before approaching them. All nationalized banks/ Regional Rural Banks/Commercial Banks (availing NABARD refinance ) are bound to finance projects  under DEDS. but the entrepreneur must be able to fulfill lending norm of the bank in respect of collateral security, margin money etc. He/She should not be defaulter. I have discussed  the matter with our local AGM NABARD, Lead District Manager of my district & many Bank Managers. All are very supportive so far as DEDS is concerned. There is no hesitation among banks to finance project under  DEDS. I would recommend to send your loan application to banks  along with  valid documents through Veterinary Officer of your block. If your project is technically feasible  & you accomplish lending norm of bank then your project will be definitely  financed.  Dr.A.K.Kar

I am highly obliged to receive guidance from learned men like you. I am not blaming anyone here. I just said what I was told by an engineer who made project reports for the dairy farmers.

But as you said, I shall definitely contact the concerned authorities and then would report the outcome here.

Thanks once again.