DC Battery Operated Milking Machine - Advice needed


I am planning to buy the “DC Battery Operated Milking Machine” manufactured by KSHEERA ENTERPRISES. Please post your experiences with DC Battery Operated Milking Machine from this company or any other battery operated milking machine.

This looks like a perfect solution for rural homes with poor electricity supply.

milkmasterksheera.com/batter … 36684.html

Cost is Rs 30,000.
Company does not supply the ‘Battery 36Ah (Rs 4000)’ and ‘Battery charger (Rs 1000)’. Can be bought easily outside.


We had bought the electric machine which has a very small motor. It works well for less than 15 cows. Go for one with 2 clusters.
I would suggest to go for electric one instead of battery. The electric will run on battery as well, so you can run it on UPS or inverter of your home or install a UPS in your farm for lights as well. This way you can have multiple use of the battery.

Good luck.

Thanks Nikhil for your quick reply. Good to know that your are successfully using a machine from the same company.

I was thinking on the lines of a Mobile milking setup. Setup the “DC Battery Operated Milking Machine” in a two wheeler or three wheeler. Not sure how successful it will be.

Any suggestions welcome.


We were using the machine about 2 years back, now we have centrallized one from Delaval with 4 buckets.

The setup is a mobile one, wire has to be adjusted. Anyway, depending on your situation, you have to decide.
We had it with 2 wheels, lift one side and pull or push. For power, we had provided power points at 6 feet intervals so that we could connect them after moving, avoiding loose wire on the floor.

Good luck,.