Damage of Brinjal Plants (fruit and shoot borer)

Dear Members,

I have planted brinjal plants around half acre area 2 months before.
Now I find some of the plants are dried and damaged.
Before a month I found some of of the insect damage the stem and the stem got damped. I have applied monochlorovous and then Bhrahmastra. But nothing happened. The insects are still present. Please view the attached photo.

I will be grateful if someone can give me concrete solution, so that I can save my plants.


!More information needed!
Please check underneth of leaves, take closer pictures of stems, the pictures muct be taken late evening or early morning when pests are highly active.

it is diificult for anybody to suggest you without looking at what pest is causing this problem.

Hi Sri,

These are because of small white and brown pests.
They keep hiding themselves inside the stem. I applied monochlorophos and Bhrahmastara. But there is no result.
Please give some solution.


This is clearly damage from Brinjal fruit and shoot borer Leucinodes orbonalis.

The difficulty with controlling borers is that any pesticides sprayed do not get in contact with the pest. The pesticides you are using are good but will need sprayed continually to repel the adults from laying eggs on the plants and killing the just hatched larvae that are exposed. Neem is generally said to be good against borers.

On an integrated basis, collecting and destroying the affected plant parts so that there is no reinfection is important. Some biopesticides such as Beauvaeria bassiana and Bacillus thurungiensis kurstaki may help when repeated periodically.

Dear sir
If u not control the pest use corrozon. Apply 2 time after 1week
It is healp 2 private from pest.

Hello Vijay, what is the product name again?

Thanks Mr. Vijay.
I will buy today and apply. Please let me know about the concentration.
Can I add Neem oil into this?
If I add neem oil, then shall I add detergent or shampoo?


This is actually corazon.

Hi Victorkar,

    I have heard the regular shampoo and soaps available can burn off the plants due to their chemical. Had read somewhere to use a soap without bleach. I dont know where I can find one such soap/shampoo.  experts comment please…


Dear friend
Its corazon. U add neem oil, but its no need, Y should  U increase ur overheads, must add sticker.

Neem and Pongamia soaps are available in IIHR see link below for more details ( check IIHR TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCTS fifth tabular column from top)

Soap or shampoo are added as sticky agents. if any natural oils, maida are added this also serves the purpose.

To make effective foliar spray, it has to sprayed to the bottom of the leaves. insects reside there most of the time to hide from sunlight.
If you spray bottom of leaf the pesticide stays longer, rain dont wash it away.

Thanks Mr. Sri.
Can you please advice me how much maida to be added in 10 lt water for proper sticking.


the soultion should be like a thin poridge. You can use any starch also.

Hello Dear,
You must spray “Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP” it is best for your Brinjal Crop.
Doses 2 gm/L mix with sampoo and spray at late afternoon .
Two times spray forth night interval.

I am sure it is 100% work for Your Brinjal Cultivation.