Dairy farming - training, breeds, land and cost questions at Bangalore

Thanks for your below reply!!!

  1. I need to know the places near by bangalore where i can get trained on Dairy farming.
  2. I have my land in Sira Taluk,Tumkur Dsitrict and i need to know the breeds which can fit for our location and yield more milk.
  3. How much of land requires to start a farming for around 10 cows.
  4. How much it costs for building a good and spacious shed for the cows and other required instruments for farming.

Please help me for the above info and guide how can i proceed further.

Thanks for your time and help.


Get training at Hesaraghatta,
2 Acres may require for production of fodder for 10 cattle.
Cost will depends on the variety/ style of building you wants to construct. Automated? Free housing? Semi automatic dairy shed?

Hello Sir, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Regarding the construction of the shed i dont have idea which way it should be.
It will be helpfull if you guide me or send some pics of the sheds are already built.

First i go with constructing shelters for the cows and later will proceed with buying cows and other things.

I need your help for all the above.

Thanks in Advance.


Dear Sathynarayana,
Where to send pictures? Can you call me please.
Without knowing your specification how it will be possible for me to advice you?

Hi All,

Can you please send me the details of the training in hesargatta,Blore.

Advance thanks for the information…


Check & request with Dr.Nagaraj-9880939330 for training.


Can you please send me the details of the training in Chennai/Bangalore.


Dear Sir,
If call Dr.Nagaraj, he will inform about training.
It may scheduled on next Monday onwards in Hesaraghatta, Bangalore. pls. call him.