Dairy farming informations

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I just joined in and needed some information. I am modernizing my dairy farm which is near Bangalore. So I require information about - Motorized Chaff Cutter, good cows/buffaloes, shed design gor 200+ cattle, software for cattle maintenance, biogas plants. Any buyers for slurry from biogas, any second hand milk storage tank? Plz call me # 09820076028.

MAIL ID: nshetty0@gmail.com



All type of dairy work management software.

cattle management ( oneby one or multipale with calf)
milk management ( one cattle or multiple)
fooder management ( one time or multiple time entry for each cattle or multiple " including calf ")
replacement management
breeding management
expences management
calving management
feeding management
event manegement ( like hit detection, medical etc…)
purchase , sales and income expance management
coustmer contact management
or more

my mail id is:- oxygen_virus@yahoo.com
my mobile no is :- +91-9924466441
if u want to software download pls mail me your contact no and your detail if u have a farm pls give your farm detail. i give u link to download pls give full detail pls…

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Is it free or chargeable ??

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