Dairy Farm

Hi Dis is bala krishna from hyderabad, i want to start a dairy farm with 30 murrah buffoles pleas tell me how to estblish the dairy and how to get loan by gov in AP …

Dear Bala,

You have asked one liner question about big project. Please read threads on dairying in this forum. You can ask specific questions which you dont understand.

Do you have land? How many acres? What is your water availability?

Dear sir.

U need one acre of irrigated land to feed five animals.  You require a minimum of 6 -7 acres of land to cultivate fodder grasses.  You shud have abundant water supply source.

Investment may be around Rs.38 -Rs.40 lakhs for the proposed dairy farm wiht 30 murrahs. Cost of the land not considered.

Banks will finace upto 75% loan on the project cost.  U shud b in a position to provide additional urban property as collateral security to the value of loan amount.

Approach a near by banker, if they say yes, submit DPR.

Raghu Ram