Dairy Farm with Monthly profit of Rs.1 lakhs per month

I want to start a Dairy farm which will fetch at least rupees 1 Lakhs per month profit, what is needed?

  1. Is Cow or Buffalo better option?
  2. How many Buffalo/ How many Acres of Land, Minimum labour. etc
  3. Typically Dairy farm is zero holiday and hard work. Typically farmers start working from 4.0 AM to milk. The main reason farmer needs to send the milk  for selling by 6 am. Can we change? Say we keep a cold storage and  milking starts at 7 am and directly store in cold storage. Distribute the milk at 3.0 PM. Second milking starts at 5 PM and store in cold storage. distribute the milk next day at 6.0 AM? Is it possible?
  4. Planting feeds/Azolla… land requirements…
  5. Are we running into oversupply?

Here is one new article I saw…  see the attached. “Milking the organic way”…
Milking the organic way.pdf (190 KB)


It is good you have a target of Rs.1,00,000/ per month by way of profit from a Dairy Venture.
It is indeed possible. Many useful suggestions may come on this thread. However, in such ventures
practical knowledge is the key to success without paying a heavy price for the trial & error steps as
well as attempting to put in to practice bookish knowledge & suggestions from well meaning experienced
boarders and other so called enthusiasts. So start looking to soil your hands in some well run Dairy Farm
and study different aspects. Keep looking & observing. As you are from Kanyakumari, visit the Dairy at
Vivekananda Kendra. It is not a very modern one. At least, it will help you to make a beginning. Please
find out if any of the Dairy Farm owners who are active and helpful in this forum are willing to allow you
to work on their farm for a month or so. Go to such a place and observe well and have patience with your
questions as the owner and other staff have their own priorities. Eventually, you can aspire to be deserving
of what you dream or desire. This is the process of discovering slowly how to become deserving.

All the best in your endeavor.

KS Raj

hello sampadafarm

How much investment needed to start with 150 cows?

[size=140][color=green]It depends upon many factors.  You can consider a estimated cost of Rs.2 - 2.5 crores[/color][/size]

I Suggest you to start with 5 or 10 cows in (HF /jersey). The project investment is only less than 5 lac if you start . then ROI, you can increase the cows and hope it would be profitable also . instead of spending 2 to 2.5 c . mean while if you have 70 to 100 cows your monthly income may be more than 1 lac also .

Thank you Sir,

If you want we will Provide you Project Report for 100/150 Cows.

Vasudha Green Farms,

Can any one gimme the Business Plan Template for Agriculture Loan if possible . because i have already started my farm with 5 HF and 3 Jersey . Now i want to increase the CB cow count . So can you please share me the Business plan template for 20 cows .

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Thank You sir…:slight_smile:

Kindly gimme your contact details …


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Thanks for the information . But currently we are in chennai sir … is there any branch available in chennai . if so kindly gimme .

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Kindly send me project report of 100/150 cows

thanks & regards
Vishal Goel

Total annual earning 12 lakhs
Total investment : 2.5 Crore
ROI : 12 Lakh / 2.5 crore = 4.8 %

Is is viable option???

kindly share your knowledge

[size=140]Dear Mr. Vishal,

Thank you for your post.

  1. The project cost can be scaled down to 1.50 crores or 1.80 crores to establishe a 100 cow/buffalo dairy farm.
  2. The net income is minimum of Rs,1 lakh and goes upto Rs.2 lakhs plus/month.  Every year there will be increase.
  3. This is after paying principal, interest, farm maintenance, feed & fodder cost etc.
  4. In five years project will be debt free.
  5. This is not just Rs.12 lakh per annum.  The person expected a net income of Rs.1 lakh/month.  By considering other issues I suggested this.  But before taking some amount, you have to pay to all cost involved.  One has to repay the bank loan and interest etc., before taking one lakh every month.

If you are not satisfied with my explanation, kindly call me any time for further clarifications.  You can reach me +919848203647.  I will feel pleasure to answer you.

Raghu Ram[/size]

Sorry to confuse all

Seen few farmers like Mr. Sadananda of Tapasihalli making at least Rs. 40000-00 + from his 5 HF cows as I discussed with him many times.  This is gross income.

Discussed with few farmers have 1-2 HF making anywhere Rs 8 to 16000-00.

Please note these are normal farmers no machines nothing.

If we plan machines feed everything, I think we can make much more for an investment of Rs. 1.5 cr.  Any businessman will make at least 20% on this, would be good.

Please don’t start a lengthy discussion, these are based on my discussions  WHICH I had with FEW farmers.


Frankly speaking : NOT AT ALL. Unless of course for various reasons…

Hello Vinayjan

I didn’t understand what you said?