Dairy Farm Near Mumbai

HI !

I wish to setup a dairy farm near mumbai (50 KMS) to start with lets say with 50 cows/buffaloes and go up to 500 with time, I really dnt have any knowledge with the subject but is keen to start this business, any sort of help is welcome and appreciated, if any professional service is being offered for project details/setup, i am ready to pay for that even, Idea is to setup an automatic plant for dairy farm and take it to large scale.

Your help is welcome and appreciated.


Your question is already asked others. search “dairy”. Go thru all posts and still have any question feel free to ask.

Dear sir,

It is suggested to purchase murrah buffaloes from Haryana & Punjab directly, if you wish. However, the buffaloes can be supplied at your location. murrah buffaloes are very useful for dairy farming as these are high in milk production and lactation period is good than others.

regards, Rajendra Sharma(Ex-Army),09030139901