Custard Apple NMK1

Hi to all.,
Any one having knowledge on farming of custard apple NMK1 verity…? I heard that the fruit is not much sweet like Balanagar. Pls share the information about its farming. Is it viable or not?

Mr. N.M. Kaspate an innovative farmer from Sholapur ( MH ) and president of President, Maharashtra Custard Apple Growers Training & Research Board, of Sholapur ( MH ) has developed following Custard Apple varieties

  1. Annona-2 ,
  2. NMK-1 ,
  3. NMK-2
    5.Finger Prints
    NMK selection is crossed from Atemoya so, you will get the bit Atemoya taste in it .
    It brix point is high , Golden color is attractive , less number of seed and berry is quite big but.
    Yield is 10-12 MT/ Ha with 70-80 % grade 1 size fruits , taste wise it’s slightly different from Balanagar

Is it profitable to cultivate nmk-1 ?

Plants and their yields do not decide monetary gains for us .
Flawless crop management with time and money , will just pay you back with best of the harvest …
It’s the growers ; who determines monetary returns from the crop harvest with “How to sell “ planning before planting.
A farmers ( the one who thinks first “ How to grow “ ) - post harvest will approach some whole sell trader from local fruit market , and make a deal to buy fruits in bulk .
Fruit merchant will decide rate , payment , logistics , packing , terms and conditions , grade…etc.
An agro entrepreauner ( the one who thinks first “ How to sell “) will plan one step ahead , get a GST registration ,treat post harvest fruits with ozone water wash to extend their shelf life , grade them size wise , and pack them in a commercial attractive carton box , do necessary logistics and sell them in a wider marketplace (online or offline ) with own target price , own terms and conditions and brand identity.
A start-up agro entrepreauner ( the one who thinks first “ How to sell “ with an innovation ) will plan another step ahead …GST and FSSAI registration , value addition – scoop out the pulp of custard apple and store them at - 4 deg C and sell a monopoly fruit based value added product to end consumers in bulk throughout year with own target price , own terms and conditions and own brand identity .

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You are absolutely right at your place rather this is the best answer but only theoretically…but when it comes regarding marginal or small farmers having 600-800 plants wht should he do?

Hi, I M from Nellore district Andhra Pradesh which verity of custard apple is suitable better in market? Sweet, durability ?yield? Pest resistance?p.acre plants?where can I get good saplings?