Custard Apple NMK1

Hi to all.,
Any one having knowledge on farming of custard apple NMK1 verity…? I heard that the fruit is not much sweet like Balanagar. Pls share the information about its farming. Is it viable or not?

Mr. N.M. Kaspate an innovative farmer from Sholapur ( MH ) and president of President, Maharashtra Custard Apple Growers Training & Research Board, of Sholapur ( MH ) has developed following Custard Apple varieties

  1. Annona-2 ,
  2. NMK-1 ,
  3. NMK-2
    5.Finger Prints
    NMK selection is crossed from Atemoya so, you will get the bit Atemoya taste in it .
    It brix point is high , Golden color is attractive , less number of seed and berry is quite big but.
    Yield is 10-12 MT/ Ha with 70-80 % grade 1 size fruits , taste wise it’s slightly different from Balanagar