Current Milk Price


I was reading on Dairy Farming and was planning to set one, until today when I read that Milk prices are down.

How the hell this is happening when the retial price of Milk is Increasing Day by Day. … y-at-home/

Please comment.


Please comment on present market whole sale price of milk in your area.

Is it still advisable to go into this business keeping in mind milk prices.


Milk price is worst in  tamil nadu ( Krishnagiri DT, Uthangarai area). No one is ready to buy milk in bulk quantity ( above 100 lts per month). Dairy farmers is not able to sell milk society / private milk company.  Private milk collection center/ milk powder companies are taking only 20-22 RS per litter ( fat 4.2 -4.8 ).  Private companies are misusing because farmers don’t have facility retail market and perishable product.  most of the farmers selling animals  and unable to manage.

100 % true and no idea for small and medium farmers what to do for this problem.

no bussiness exist in this world after doing all hard work,managing both human ,natural and environmental hurdles to see the fate of huge loss.

All milk procurement organisations including co-operative sectors are minted money from last 4 months and now crying more than farmers. its a outrated cheating farmers as well as common man. they looted everyone in day light.

Atleast, small farmers can sell the animal temporarily. but 100 - 200 animals farms don’t have any choice either closing down or go with, per month an average of 3- 4 lakhs loss till unknown time. Very heart burning moment is forget buying diesel and petrole  " when we buy bottled 1 ltr water of some branded/un-branded water at Rs. 20 -00 /litre" ( we donot know from where that water is stolen?!!!).


Hello Friends,

This is a result of factory produced liquid mixture being sold as milk to gullible customers.
The rural belt is witnessing a dwindling cattle population mainly due to lack of rains
in many states. Dwindling cattle population &  the recent  outbreak of Foot & Mouth Disease
in AP & Tamil Nadu don’t indicate any increase in production of raw milk. How is it then the
Milk price has come down & procurement is at the whim and fancy of the private Dairy Plant
owners and aggregators who sell as a branded product. The Legal Metrology department is not
doing its duty of regularly checking the samples of all the brands in each & every state and
publicly declaring the reports. I would suggest that consumers and progressive farmers can
file under RTI to ascertain the work of such departments. Also, consumer bodies/associations
can have the the milk of different brands tested by reputed private labs and publish the reports.

The above can be undertaken immediately. Those who have bigger farms with large quantities
have to compulsorily market their quality produce directly to end users, mostly domestic
households. This does require a certain effort, but eventually it will make both very secure as
consumers can be assured of good quality milk at a good price.


The real problem is that all these diary farmers are misled with “higher milk  yield” talks from all and sundry and tricked into buying “exotic breed” which are high maintenance, catch diseases easily and need more money on medicines, calving, food and water … whose dung and urine is not good quality…

The expenses have increased and profits are fallen…  It is because of the Beef Industry that the Diary Industry is surviving. If beef Industry stop buying these Jersey cows which are considered “useless” after 5yrs the whole Diary Industry will collapse. 

If the Government close the slaughter houses… (which is quite a bit of possibility)… the Diary Industry could collapse… as there will be more cattle than the diary farmer can profitably feed. Even today what is the price of Coca Cola… a unhealthy drink that can be made in Rs 5… and what is the price of Milk?

Traditional cows are low maintenance and their dung and urine are very useful. So would advice all new diary farmers to start with 2 cow on 1 acre or half acre with fencing and foliage. So that the cow can be let open to feed and rest as required.


Dear Budding Kisan,

You have attached two links in your above posts. In one of these links, I found that the producer of
Milk is using Fodder grown in soilless technology of Hydroponics. You have rightly written in your posts
that the Dung of our Desi breed is good for enrichment of the soil. If Fodder & food can be grown thus
without soil, the use of the superior quality dung will become redundant. Please enlighten our members
on this and about the Cow health which is fed hydroponically grown Fodder and the quality of the milk of
such cows. Will it be also having the same medicinal properties or the hump ensures that?


KSraj… IF every body starts drinking pepsi then nobody will drink milk… there are lots of ifs and buts…

Dear Budding Kisan,

I don’t drink Pepsi and your reply is irrelevant. Please take your time and enlighten about
the efficacy of Hydroponically grown fodder being fed by Shri Krishna Milk Dairy whose link
was given by you. This technique makes the use of Dung & Cow Urine totally redundant.
Will this type of Fodder give the correct nutrition as Green Fodder alone is the natural food
of the Cow. What about the medicinal properties in the milk?

KS Raj

If the cow eats that fodder also the medicinal properties of the milk remain same. It has remained same even after eating Pesticide and fertilizer sprayed on grass as per farming practiced currently.

Dung and urine is used not only to enrich the soil. It can be used for biogas - to cook food, to run generator set for electricity, etc. also there are many more uses…

Hope you got enlightened…

Dear Budding Kisan,

You write that the Milk of Desi Cows will have medicinal properties irrespective of the type
of feed given to the Gomata. So,you claim that feed grown using chemical fertilizers,toxic
insecticides & pesticides & also the soilless Hydroponic Fodder are good enough for producing
milk with medicinal properties. This is an outlandish claim which needs validation. Can you
give any scientific proof for this claim.

We all know that our Desi Cows were giving milk which was rich with medicinal properties
before they came to be stall fed with feed grown using chemical fertilizers,toxic
insecticides & pesticides.

I have to bring to the notice of our Farm Nest Members that the claim of Guruji Shri. Subhash
Palekar about the superior quality of the dung of Indian Desi Cows was validated by a comparative
experiment carried out by Professor Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail of New College, Chennai. He is an eminent
Soil Biologist & Ecologist.

KS Raj


Dear Mr.KS Raj
By giving  reply to unscientific postings  we are rather encouraging the person  to post more .The person lacks minimum knowledge in science and dairy farming. Therefore It is better to  ignore such type of postings. 

Ksraj… your 1st para and 2nd para are contradictory… please make up your mind!

If you are asking any experiments were carried out… yes Rajiv Dixit carried out an experiment…see the youtube link:

Rajiv Dixit is Subash Palekar’s Guru…