Cultivation under High voltage electric line

I have an area of 35 cents of land that comes under a 66KV high voltage electric line. We have been cultivating tapioca there for many years(from my grandfathers time). However, availability of labor has become a major problem and also the crop demand from market is very volatile.

We are looking at planting black pepper in this plot of land. I am specifically looking for shade trees that wont grow beyond 12-18 feet with out cutting them/pruning them. If the tree is a cash crop or gives edible fruits, then it is more favorable.

The land is in Cochin- Kerala. Monsoon rains + good sunlight + temperature from 21 to 35 C+ option to irrigate with a never ending source of fresh water from pond. We are having wild(some 200 years old) pepper plants from which stem will be collected. It is not the new high yielding stuff, but pepper wines that were in the land from some 100+ years! Planning to do the cultivation organically.

We did consider bush pepper, but direct sunlight will spoil the pepper plant as direct sunlight is harmful for pepper wines. The option of shade house was considered, but it is artificial and is less natural way!

Please suggest possible dwarf shade n support trees for the black pepper.


As per rule never plant anything which grows beyond five feet in ht.

For this we have permission to grow plants that wont go beyond 12 feet in height(permanant) crop and nothing more than 18 feet (temporary crop)

Check Erythrina Veriegata. it is one of fast growing tree, most of coffee estates use this for shade tree.

This plants can be grown under power line:
Abutilon Indicum,  Adadhoda vasika,  Anacardium occidentale,  Citrus acidia roxb  Delonix Elata,  Morinda Linctosa.