Cucumber disease


Check pics and please let me know what could be problem.
I am growing in a bag with soil and manure mix. But this is second time it is showing these symptoms and then dying.


Where are our cucumber experts?

Waiting for replies.

I guess this is mosaic virus.

There is no cure for this. Try using Pseudomonas Fluorescens next time with basal dose.

Hi Nikhil - Can’t properly make out the affected leaves because of the way the camera captured light. I see clear signs of leaf miner on some of the darker leaves. Are the lighter leaves bleached entirely or do they have mosaic type pattern? Depending on symptoms, it could also be a nutrient deficiency. This is a good link for diagnosing cucumber related issues: … -nutrition

Also, there seem to be lots of weeds around your cucumber plants. These weeds are magnets for virus carrying insects.

Dear Mr.
Please let me know name of variety
Open field/ Polyhouse
Disease & pests in Polyhouse
Downy mildew, fusarium wilt
Leaf minor, white flies, red mites
Boron; calcium;potash,magnesium
Increase level of potash - urea and water
During fruit setting stage
Record production : 7.5 kg/ plant
From downy mildew infected plants
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Can experts please guide me what kind of disease is this? The attachment is an image of cucumber grown in polyhouse.
The plants is approximately 35-40 days old Variety is Rijk zwan’s Multistar.


Hi Aikam,

I am not an expert but to me they looks like some micronutrient deficiency. Please find one link below from where you can decide … ables.html. I’ll recommend some micronutrient mix spray.