Cucumber care in organic ways

Looking for more ideas to take good care of cucumber and to prevent diseases organically.

Problem identified: stunted growth of some plants and mottled pattern in the leaves.  Also noticed some black hairy small lice underneath the leaves.

Appreciate all inputs.

hi NARDC    it will be helpful to identify the problem if u post pictures.      by lice  u mean small catterpillars??
a regular spray of neem oil based  pesticide, pseudomonas  will be helpful. 
also organic products will give best results  if used as a preventive measure.

How about spraying vermiwash? Experts please let us know…

dear sir,

i read your problems it shoud be a disease leaf mottled use microbial spore like trichoderma viride and pacilomyces at the basal and spraring of bauveria bassiana spores. your problem comes under control within aweek