Crossbreed Cows Vs. Buffaloes


I am willing to start a dairy farm with about 20 buffaloes. But recently I’ve heard some good things about Crossbreed HF/Jersey Cows. So I wish to make sure that I do not start anything in haste and later feel bad about it. I would like to know what are the key differentiating points between capabilities of Crossbreed HF/Jersey Cows and Buffaloes?

Can the experts here please compare the production, reproduction, milk qualities, fodder requirement etc points for both these animals?

Thanks in advance.



[size=140]Dear Prasham
Both crossbred cows & buffaloes have their own advantages & disadvantages. I am giving below advantages  & disadvantages  of both
Advantages of crossbred cow versus buffalo
1:-Milk yield in CB cow is more than buffalo(4000-5000Kg/lactation)
2:-Inter calving period is less in comparison to buffalo(12-14) month
3:-CB heifers mature early (10-18 months)
4:-CB animals are docile, can be easily handled & more suited for machine milking
5:-Price of CB cow is less in comparison to buffalo of same yield
6:- Heat detection is easy &  artificial insemination is easier in cows
[b]Disadvantages :-[/b]
1-Fat content of CB cow milk is only 3-5%
2-Price of cow milk is less in comparison to buffalo
3-CB animals are not adopted to our environmental condition
4-More prone to mastitis, milk fever & other diseases
5- Disposal value of surplus male is negligible
Advantages of Dairy buffaloes
1- They are well adapted to our agro-climatic conditions
2- More disease resistant  in comparison to CB cow
3- Fat content of buffalo milk is 6-8%
4- Sale price of buffalo milk is more
5- Male animal can fetch good price
6- Can thrive well with crop residue in absence of concentrates during drought.
1-Late maturity of heifers 26 -32 months
2-Intercalving period is more 13-16 months
3-Heat detection is difficult in buffaloes(silent heat)
4-Good breed buffaloes are not easily available as their number is less
5-Buffaloes are vicious in comparison to CB Cows
One can start a dairy farm with 50% cows & 50 % buffaloes. Dr.A.K.KAR[/size]

Thank you Dr
For openly giving the comparison.
some idea of output/input  ratio ( i.e milk income vs feed cost ) also would be useful.
Narender Rao Saineni.

Dear Narender
I have given free bankable project report of cow & buffalo farming with all information on inputs & outputs  in my website . you can visit it.