Crops which require less vigilance and are safe against animals attack

Hi everyone i need to know crops which can be cultivated in this monsoon season which require less vigilance and animals like sheeps, cows and monkeys cant damage them or eat them so i request you to provide their details and their cost of cultivation and the process in which they need to be cultivated on a 8-9 acre farm.

Hi Pritish,
    soybean is ideal in such conditions . No cattle, monkeys, animals etc eat/destroy it (except humans :slight_smile: ) . It can be even rain fed and doesn’t need much attention . But this summer its rate touched around 4.5 to 5k due to erratic rains  so more farmers may jump for it .
Rates of soybean fluctuate between 3 to 5k and it gives good gains if you can hold for few months .

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You haven’t mentioned the agro-climatic conditions that you have - rainfall, temperatures, soil type etc. It could be risky to plant something based on sweeping suggestions - after all, you cant grow everything everywhere…


Grow either of following crops, & ,believe it ,even if you send an invitation, no goat,cow, buffalo,neelgay,man or wild boars will like to disturb your sleep.The plants are ashwagandha and kaalmegh.Both are rainy season crops and survive well once they get rooted.Any man trying out to use them will fall seriously ill since their limited quantity can be taken under prescription by Ayurvedic physician.

Yeah thanks for the info i was also considering tili , soyabean and tuar as we have cultivated them on our farm before also .

Thanks for your valuable information i was looking for answers like this which will let us know about more varieties of crop can you please elaborate in detail their cost of cultivation and to whom they can be sold and their selling price.

i have 12 acres land in wayanad district in kerala. elephants, deer…are wandering almost all days in this area. can i grow something that can not be damaged by these animals

Refer to our previous msg you can grow ashwagandha or kalmegh.We guarantee to purchase the entire product from farmers.Fresh Ashwagandha roots shall be purchased at the rates to be fixed while signing the agreement.The minimum rates shall be Rs 40/-per kgs of fresh(not dried,where weight after drying is 20% of the fresh roots ) roots.Kalmegh shall be purchased @50/-per kgs(minimum).We also purchase fresh shatawar roots @15/-per kgs(when packed in 50-60 kgs gunny bags by seller).We shall make payment at the farm itself.In case any farmer is in distress please contact us and we shall try to help the needy brothers and sisters in selling their products

you can grow ashwagandha or kalmegh.

Dear sirs,

As fresher I had a tendency to run too fast only to realize that out there the field reality is awfully different.
Today I have slowed considerably and am on the same note i.e., trying to find crops

  1. which need less vigilance,
  2. which need lesser water,
  3. which are less attacked by animals and pests,
  4. which has less competition or whose price is less fluctuating,
  5. and at the same time are comparatively profitable without too much stress of marketing.

Thanks to this thread which suggests Ashwagandha or Kalmegh.

I have around 3 acres of red sandy loam soil. Temp of my region is 40C during summers & 25C during winters during the day. Can I consider to grow Ashwagandha or Kalmegh in these conditions and get good yield? Can anyone share package of practices of these two crops or crops similar to these?


Hi, this year I am harvesting ashwagandha in ten acres. May I know the offering price this year?