Crops That require less water and less labour

I got 30 acre of land in a place called rayadurg, anantapur district(Andhra boarder) 3 inch water and 1 tractor,10 cattle , I did MBA , till date i am working for bpo in Bangalore , now I want to move to agriculture , our family is agriculture back ground, it very difficult to get labour in our place , so plz suggest, how do i proceed,
Ideas in mind are

organic forming,
goat or sheep farm
I am ok to start with some one as a partner also.


Hi Ravi,
                    As you have water availability currently, plan for long term crops like mango, guava, goose berries(amla) etc. Plan for water conservation and they will be able to fetch you good profits over a course of time.


Thank you Bhayya Mr. Ravi,

I am suggesting you to go far Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation which is effortless, Risk Free,Easy Marketing,Demand Persistent for a Longer Period,Increasing Demand Day by Day. You need not leave your Profession/Job,It is suitable for absentee Frmers like you. It fetches a GOOD minimum Income of  TEN Lakhs+ even on adverse/ worst condition within a Short period  of 6 Years.

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Dear Manne,

Could you elaborate on " It fetches a GOOD minimum Income of  TEN Lakhs+ even on adverse/ worst condition within a Short period  of 6 Years."

How are you arriving at this conclusion?
Number of trees per acre?
Is this based on ideal outcome or factoring in losses etc?
If you are saying TEN lakhs in the worst condition, what would be the expected returns in good to ideal conditions?
In another thread you mentioned that you would get same income either in 2,4 or 6 years. What are the exit strategies at these different time periods? How do we get the same income at these different time periods?
Who would be the target buyers at these different stages?
How do farmers go about selling their produce? What is the preferable sales strategy for farmers to maximize their returns?
Do farmers need to get Forest Dept permissions for felling and selling the wood?

NOTE: All these questions are to learn from you knowledge and experience.



I got suggestions from few people saying that meli dubiya will not attain good size , with out sufficient water . If we wont get specified size it will not be useful in ply wood manifacturing
is that true

Thank you Ravi Bhai,

Yes sir what you said is Correct. We are advising our Farmers that Minimum water is essential. In this regard some miscreants are misleading that if it Plant during Rainy season, no water is required afterwards. But it is not Correct. But one can get easily a get a minimum girth of 18". In our Fiend’s Farms we could get the required Girth of 18" to 24" in 2.50 Years.Hence no problem in getting 18" girth in SIX Years.If not get in any reason it will go to Paper Industry/Pulp Industry for Particle Boards / Biomass Industries.Hence no Problem in getting a Minimum Income of 10 Lakhs/Per Acre even on worst conditions.

Thank you Prakruthi Sab !,
Sir for your Interest on Melia Dubia Plantation. No doubt it is Boon to the Farmers who are vexed with several Farming /Plantation crops.It is a Boon Particularly to the Absentee Farmers.We are Providing full details of this Plantation as follows.:
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We are referring information about Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation.As so many miscreants are misleading so far cloned or tissue cultured Melia Dubia Plants are not Developed . But so many unscrupulous Traders are Misleading the Farmers that their Supplies are cloned or tissue cultured Saplings.

But Developing of Saplings with stems are under Research in TNAU Coimbatore
and it will take some Time for Coming out Results. But Tissue Culture is not possible
to develop as versed by TNAU Scientists.We are having well Grown seedlings only
at Rs.16 per Seedling. If the Order is 10,000  and above we will supply at your Farm
inclusive of Transport.

Some people are misleading the Farmers that there are different varieties and their variety is different. But we are humbly informing that we made a lot of  effort by making vigorous trips all over India,where there is Melia Dubia plantation with heavy expenditure out of anxiety. Finally I got the Reliable Answer and Information at TNAU,Coimbatore.Based on their information and Guide we are giving the details of  Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation are as follows:

There will not be any Problem in getting seedlings out of the seed at your Farm.But the Main character of this seed is that , the germination percentage is (%) is 20 (20%). and will take a longer time of 3 Months to One year…There is no uniformity in Germination. We can supply the seed in the next season i.e. in the Month of April May.Also we can supply any quantity of seedlings  up to the end of September.  After September
it may not be possible to et the seedlings in  the Farms.

Pl. go through the Details of Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation which will fetch a GOOD income in SIX Years with less efforts.

There is no doubt we will arrange Buy Back.
The Tie up and the Agreement are under Process. We are
assuring you that as soon as possible we will inform you the Progress sirs/Madem.

We are providing here under the Details of Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation afresh with the attachments of Text and IMAGES.
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This Melia Dubia (Malaivembu) is an effortless Farming and fetches Gold in FIVE Years. Hence we are calling it as GOLD HARVEST MELIA DUBIA PLANTATION

The Details are as follows.: 

Thank you sir for Contacting us and for the Confidence Kept on us.

We are the Farm Consultants and Motivators of Organic Farming operating from Hyderabad.Generally we are recommending Gold Harvest Melia Dubia for absentee Farmers for risk FREE  effortless Farming to while getting  an unimaginable Income through this Gold Harvest Melia Dubia. The farm will be ever Green and will Providing Biomass and cattle Feed too.

If you  are going for this Plantation the following are the details for Gold Harvest Melia Dubia Plantation.

“If you Prefer for any other Plantation also we  will Provide our Services
as per your Choice…”

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We are furnishing here under the Details of Gold Harvest
Melia Dubia Plantation.:

Melia Dubia is a Forest Plantation fetches More returns  with assured  Market. More over it is effortless Plantation.If you want to go for Gold Harvest Plantation we will extend our Full support for Plantation of  Melia Dubia .Because of its  Assured Market with GOOD returns  at a Time because there is a Permanent Ban on drawing Forest Timber for Ply Wood ,Particle Board, Paper Industries etc.On Growing 5-6 Years it is ready for Harvest for those Industries.  More over all are aware that Teak Wood  for Housing and Domestic Sector has  almost been exhausted . This Timber is substitute for Teak wood on Growing for  10 Years .This Tree is considered as Fastest Growing Tree in the world on its several Vigorous Researches made  for several Years by Agri Forestry Department  of Tamilnadu Agrl. University ,Coimbatore.

For raising this Crop water should be Made available . One Bore well of 3" Yield can Irrigate 10 to 15 Acres through Drip by rotating the Irrigation once in 10-15 Days depending upon the soil Conditions.Being it is  Social Forestry Plantation any Soil is suitable Provide there should not be Water logging.This is Most suitable for Absentee Farmers.

The Income Details are as follows.

The Plantation distance  be 8 Feet to 10 Feet  400 to 600 Plants can  Accommodated in an
Acre depending on the soil Fertility and Irrigation.

One Tree Fetches 0.75 Ton to 1.20 Tons.Taking Average level  ONE Ton X  Rs…2700/Per Ton as per the present Price can fetch an Income of Rs.2,700 (in 5 -6 Years) = Rs. 700 X 500 Trees/Acre = Rs.13,50,000/ (Even on worst Conditions) it will fetch a minimum  Income of Rs. 10 Lakhs (In Worst Conditions as per the Present Price.). The Price Timber will be a Minimum of Doubled after FIVE Years. Then you can assess the Income after 5-6 Years.

If  one Keeps for 10 Years, it will have Timber Value like Teak. Then the yield will be >2.50 Tons to 3.50 / Acre and the Price per Ton will also be More. The it will be sold at Cft Price. If any body needs we will arrange Planting on Turnkey Basis also.Presently We are attaching the Full Tutorial on this Plantation which was obtained from Tamilnadu Arl. University and other Govt. Departments, Social Service Organisations etc. by making several trips and making several efforts. Generally the Price will be settled at the Time of Plantation Please. but however  our Price will be Most reasonable , because ours is running on service motive.

We are attaching the full Text of Tutorial on this Plantation for your Consideration.Don’t hesitate to Contact us for further Details.

PS:- Regarding Genl. Queries we are explaining as follows;
F.A.Q :
we have some agricultural lands in AP,kurnool and Anantapur Dist.We  want to cultivate the Melia Dubia.Kindly give your personnel experience regarding the same. :

Because your land is in Kurnool and Anantapur , we will undertake Plantation on Turnkey basis also after visiting your Farm we will Provide Estimation.
1)what is the initial expenses per acre?
In addition at ploughing, Cow-dung Manure, Planting it will be Rs.20 Per Plant (Seedling) we are supplying within the Peripherals
of Hyderabad.
2) what will be the gestation period for maturity?
If it for supplying to Plywood / Particle Board Industries we  can sell in FIVE Years.If required for Timber Purpose it will be hold 
for TEN years. The Income will be GOOD and unimaginable .As per my estimation it will be Rs.25 Lakhs to Rs.30 Lakhs/Acre as per 
the Present Timber Prices.
3) what will be the returns after maturity? 
As Detailed above (If it for supplying to plywood/ Particle Board Industries we can sell in FIVE years. If required for Timber
Purpose it will be hold for TEN years. The Income will be GOOD and unimaginable.As per my estimation it will be Rs.25 Lakhs
to Rs.30 Lakhs/Acre as per  the Present Prevailing Prices of  Timber .)
4) what are the minimum requirement for planting these trees?;
If Planted 8’ X 8’ 600 Plants /Acre and if Planted 10’ X 10’ 460 plants are required
5) what is the water requirement for 10 acre plot? :
A Water Yield of 2" to 2.50" is enough under Drip Irrigation. Then the water will be Provided to the Plants Once in a Week on rotation by inserting
valves accordingly.
6) what are the other services providing other than this plantation? :
All Farm service like Land Development, Geological Ground water Survey ,Fencing,Land Surveying (Measurement) (Manual/Digital) ,Green House/Poly House installation etc. In addition to the above we will Provide Consultation for Cropping Pattern/ Organic Farming/ Yogik Khethi etc. (Online on request at FREE of Cost).Kindly don’t hesitate to contact us on 09133498366 or Mail to
Kindly go through the Attachments.Kindly provide us an opportunity in serving you better Sir

Don’t hesitate to contact us

on 09133498366 if any

Further Details are needed.

Thank you With regards,
for Vasudha Green Farms,
A Reliable Farm Consultant in Hyderabad

MELIA DUBIA Updted.pdf (1.73 MB)
NUMBER OF PLANTS per Acre 123.doc (44.5 KB)