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I am a new bee to agriculture. We bought 10 acres of land near Bagepally, Karnataka. 2 bores got 2 inch water at a depth of 400ft. got power connection. fencing and land leveling is completed.

can someone please share the vegetable crop calendar that suits for Karnataka zone. Still we are in dilemma what to grow.

Thanks in advance.


Found a File which provides crop calendar for all states

these are all cash crops
Appendix-IV.xls (113 KB)

Found another file Vegetables
vegetable-farms.pdf (76.5 KB)

Thank you so much for the details.

Bagepalli region is a semi arid drought prone one with low, erratic and spatial rainfall.
The low water table is tapped through bore-wells drilled to more than 100 meters depth.
Even these dry up in the summer months, from April to September every year, when temperatures rise to a dry heat of 38 °C.

there is only 1 rain-fed crop a year, whose stand is from late June till December.
Groundnuts are grown on these dry lands, inter-cropped with red gram, cowpea, field beans, green gram, jowar, maize and castor on the field bunds.

Irrigated groundnut, onions and sunflower are the common bore-well irrigated crops. Ragi (golden millet) and a coarse variety of paddy are cultivated under irrigation tanks.

  • Source Wikipedia

This is fantastic information. Thank you so much for sharing.

I have learnt about few vegetable crops hard way this time. They were planted by end of october. Only to be stunned by winter in december.

Satish Gune