Criteria for Farm land selection

Learned members, I wanted to pick your brains for compiling a comprehensive list of “must check”, “Good to check” topics while visiting a farm land with an intent to buy. The points i have are as follows -

  1. Documentation - Land documentation needs a complete legal review. Hiring a good Lawyer while planning to buy land is very important.
  2. Water source- Is there a water source near by - Will the ground water be recharged, Is there a possibility of an open well.
  3. Approach - Do you have access to the proposed farm by a defined road (kuchha/ pukka)
  4. Soil quality - Not sure if this is something which will be allowed by the exisiting owner but if possible it will help in the longer run.
  5. Labour - is labour available at location easily.
  6. Access to market- is the market nearby otherwise the cost to transport produce will be high.

Seniors to please add more points for newbie’s like me who are interested in this topics.