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I am planning to get a crimp roller made to help control weeds. Idea is not to pull out the weeds but to have the stalks broken and the area rolled into a carpet like formation so that it helps people to walk thru the farm and attend to the mango, guava and coconut plants.
High weed growth is affecting mobility and also there is fear of snakes. All the plants mentioned are just 9 months to 20 months old
Has anyone here tried a crimp roller and is it effective for the purpose I am proposing to use it for.
Any feedback would be appreciated

see some discussion on this in below link … /#msg17374

See attached PPT for easy homemade crimper, This can be rolled using bullocks/tractor/tiller.
crimper.pptx (62.4 KB)

Thanks Sri. I did read about the crimper here. My question more specifically is would it help chop down weeds? Standing cover crop , yes it works as demoed in the videos but soft springy grass like growth, will it work ?

No grass wont get bent. They have spring back property, they gradually stand up.

Thank you. So only a rotavator to do the job.
If you can suggest any other option please do let me know

brush cutter

LOL, I like your one word answers.
We do have brush cutters, over large area it is very labor intensive and time consuming too.
Thank you

I see some tractor mounted mowers in other countries - improvising such may be a good idea. I was also thinking if a paddy harvester may somehow be modified to be a weed cutter.

See below video  @7.46 you can see tractor mounted sicklebar attachment.

Chandra: The dairy in the video is in your city.

Or even something on these lines:
reaper paddy 640x480:

Thank Sri for the clip with sickle bar,  the tour of dairy farm and involved farmer was inspirational.
Nice idea, need to think thru how this can work in an orchard setting.
Chandra - yes front end reapers may work, thanks for the video clips and suggestions.

Thanks for post…

Nice dairy management as well as construction…

If the stem  of the grass is bit hardened then with crimping it would not cut but it would get damaged enough that it wont stand up. The following answers all the doubts -
Here all the doubts about roller crimper and crimping cover crops ‘why and how’ are answered.