Cow Urine & Cow Dung

Hi Guys,

I am associated with a Gaushala in Sutrakar Village, Talasari, Mahashtra.

We have more 270+ desi cows in our Gaushala. I need your help in getting some links / leads for selling cow urine & cow dung cakes. In case you are aware of any individual or company whom we can approach and sell, please share the details.

In case you guys have established your own supply chain then sharing your case study will help us in understanding and formulating a plan.

Thanks & Regards,

Dear Sri Nikhil,

You can do wonders with the Desi cow urine and Cow dung, if properly convert with the guidance of organic experts.

You can convert them to panchagavya concentrate , jeevamrutha concentrates ,  and/or in to some other shapes, by sharing views with experts. This not only gives you revenue, but also gives you more respect in the society.

Transportation cost of cow dung and cow urine, if as it is , will be more for distant places and value will be normal( only market prices ). If not we too in short of cow dung and cow urine of Desi cow.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sri Nikhil,

You can contact ( if you feel and if it is comfortable to you )  1.  Padmasri Palekhar sir. Or.  2.  Any organic/bio pesticides manufacturers,  3.  Any universities organic/ bio pesticides in charge professor. .4. Organic  govt institutes like Jaivik Krishik society of Karnataka, Bengaluru.  Etc.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer


You can distill  the  Urine, Pack and retail the same. In market its been sold at Rs. 80 to 2000/- per litre.

For Dung, you can make dry cakes or vermi compost and sale the same to garden, home user.

Since you are very near to mumbai, you have really big market.

If you need more details please call me on 9821119398

Devang Dani

I need cow dung and cow urine of desi breed in Gholvad/bordi. Its not very far from Talasari.


I am also interested in cow dung manure.

I am in Surat, Gujarat.

Thant’s also not far away from you.
Please give me a contact number I will contact you.