Cow-Urine Collection

I need some suggestions if there is any way to collect cow-urine without letting it fall on the surface.
I understand that there are special collection attachment designed for this purpose.

A simple urine-collecting apparatus and method for cows and heifers
Z. J. Cao ,* M. Ma ,* X. Y. Yan ,† S. L. Li ,* and X. M. Zhang *1

  • State Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China 100193
    † College of Animal Science, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China 510642
    An apparatus and method that can allow continuous
    and precise total collection of urine under normal
    conditions was developed that could satisfy the urinesampling
    requirement of balance studies, metabolic
    experiments, and hormone trials of cows and heifers.
    The apparatus is composed of an anterior urethra, a
    urine cup, and a collection barrel. Total and precise collection
    of urine can be achieved without leakage, fecal
    contamination, or urethra infection. The apparatus has
    few negative effects on the cows and does not influence
    the cows’ normal physiological activities.
    Key words: urine collection , apparatus , method

We would like to get the apparatus.
Can you guide how to go about it ?

There are several apparatus for collecting cow’s urine either for human consumption to reduce ammonia emission , but it’s only feasible if you have a large scale Goushala or Dairy farm ( intensive and caged )
Secondly , if you are targeting mushroomed , overcrowded domestic market to sell your product , then you can simply go for DESI JUGAD to collect in bucket , indigenously sterilize and bottle and promote through social media .
But if you are targeting overseas market , where Emami , Patanjali , Iscon are big players and some 50 highly advanced units are processing for them with foreign advanced technology , mostly available in Europe / Australia / New Zealand etc. will cost you whooping 2-5 lakhs for a capacity of 500 lts per day
Being an exporter we can source appropriate urine collection apparatus suitable for your need , if you are interested .