Cow shed size and price

Hi all members,

I am Sukhdeep Singh from delhi and willing to start own dairy farm. I got some knowledge through this site and got some confident
to get some profit from it.

The matter is about the cow shed…I m am starting my dairy with 30 jersey and hf cows and will add 3-4 cows every month for 12 months.please suggest me the size of cow shed and price of intallation of cow shed.

please tell me the correct and reasonable price price of equipments like milking machine, cans and other mandatory equips.

Sukhdeep singh

hi Sukhdeep,

Good decision to get into dairying. From your post it seems like you do not have any prior experience. Dairying is not an easy job, I’m currently undergoing a training on the same and learning lot of things which internet/books cannot teach. Please visit a farm house and if the owner is kind enough, stay there over 2-3 days. Even if you do not take care of the cows or all activities, just wake up when he does and imagine doing all the activities he does. If you think you can do it too; then there is no stopping.

This business has money in it, you need to know how to make it… Personally I suggest you to take up 6 cows…buy 1 each in 2 months. You will do all mistakes while you are small unit and learn from it. Then expand… remember, you need 1 Acre of fodder cultivation for 4 cows.

Costing can be looked into once you are confident of the above :slight_smile:

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I am also planning to start a dairy farm, i agree with nithin ji practical knowledge is very important.