Cow giving milk 3 times

We recently bought HF full black cow with 2 teeth and it gave birth to calf. Now the issue is it gives milk 3 times a day and diary accepts only in morning and evening .

It gives 7/8 LTS morning and 2/3 in afternoon
So is this normal for a cow to give milk 3 times… How do we stop that… And cow vendor via whom we bought gave some injection to stop that excess milk .

Will a freezer help in this situation .


Yes many commercial dairies milk cows three times a day to increase to production of milk. Yes they store in bulk coolers and supply chilled milk to dairy or packing factory.

What do you mean it gives 3 times a day? If you want it can give every hour also :slight_smile:. We are milking the cow, and milk production in cow is continuous process. Even after 1 hr of milking you will get 1-2 liters if you attempt to milk.

It is purely your choice how many times you want to milk depending on the way you handle milk as pointed out by krishnaprasad.


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There could be a problem with the sphincter muscle of this cow. How can the cow give milk without you milking it? If the milk is leaking, when the cow is lying down, then it could be the issue of sphincter muscle in teat. In European countries they milk cows thrice a day and most of them have their own chilling system to preserve milk. Here in India, the demand for milk is twice a day and the collection by dairies also is twice a day. So, we milk 2 times a day. Milking cows 3 times might result in getting something extra.

Preservation is the issue. We milk cows in such a way that we can give it to the collection center on time. Consult a good vet.

What Mr.Niks Narayana & Krishnaprasad commented here is right.

Murali Krishnan


The yield mentioned here is too low. Now a days you will see cows giving 18-22 liters of milk in the morning and if given 12 hours gap, like say morning 4 am and evening 4 pm, more or less same yield you will get in the evening, provided feeding and water requirements are met with. Such cows are common these days in krishnagiri and kolar.

Murali Krishnan

Hello Murali sir,
As per your reply total milk yield per cow per day is 36 liter…
Am i right ?

What is the price of that cow?
What is the feeding requirement of that type of cow?

I heard that milk yield of HF cow decrease after 3 months. Is it true? If yes: then how much decrease ?

Thanks & Regards
Vishal GOel

Probably what you mean by cow giving milk 3 times is milk leaking in afternoon. If that is the case, consult a good vet asap.

As far as 3 times milking is considered:
I had recently visited a big commercial dairy farm claimed to be the most modern milking dairy farm in India with rotary parlour for 50 cows.
They milk cows 3 times per day with 8 hours of interval (5am, 1pm and 9pm). This improves milk yield. I had came across many papers on three times milking but saw it practically and is recommended. Avg yield was 25 litres and the meter showed nearly 8 to 8.5kg milk while afternoon milking.


Mr.Vishal Goel,

Yes, yield will be around 36 liters in a day. Now a days it might cost you around Rs.55000/- to Rs.65000/-. First and the most important thing is good housing, roof having good height. Split roofing ideal. 400 grams of compounded cattle feed from reputed companies per liter of milk given, plus additional 2 kg each time for body maintenance, 25 kg green fodder (CO3,CO4, fodder maize), stomach full hay in the evening which helps the cow for regurgitation, minimum 100 liters water in a day using water bowls or troughs installed in front of the cows or on walkways, passages, in waiting areas in case of parlour milking. Calcium and Minerals &Vitamin Supplementation as needed. De-worm cows once or twice in a year.

Your last question: Yes milk keeps on decreasing every month right after calving. Cows milk yield will be good in the first lactation, slightly better in second lactation, the best in third lactation, fourth will be steady if you are lucky, from 5th lactation the graph will show a decline. This is why I normally recommend everybody to buy cows in first lactation, give them good feed, vaccinate it against Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Hemorrhagic Septicemia (HS), Black Quarter(BQ), now a days HS + BQ Vaccine available, Theileriosis in prevalent areas, so the 2,3,4 lactation yield will be good and after that please dispose it to small farmers. Always vaccinate cows 2 weeks after de-worming. Calf rearing will fetch you good money after 2 years, you can sell it for Rs. 55000/- minimum price. Plan all activity systematically. All the best.

Murali Krishnan

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Hello Mishra ji
Can you share name of that farm & location of that farm .

Dear Murli ji,

In and around bangalore,where can we find the cow with 30Ltrs of milk/day?

Hello Vishal,

I have already shared the details on a separate thread

The name is Bhagyalaxmi Dairy farm and it’s located in Manchar which is 60kms from Pune.

As per what I was told:- even they had purchased some 1800 high yielding cross bred HF cattles initially from Bangalore. Don’t know from where exactly in Bangalore. Remember that you have to maintain Temperature Humidity Index for such high yielding animals so that they are in comfortable zone.

Pay attention to what Mr. Murali Krishnan has said about cattle housing and comfort.

hello Mishra ji

they maintain Temperature Humidity Index for such high yielding animals so that they are in comfortable zone.
what does it means?

They install fogging system & dairy fan or some thing else ??


Hello Vikas,

Yes you are absolutely right. Mist foggers fans with housing for proper ventilation.

Hello Murli ji,

Kindly share information about ,where can I find cow gives 30Ltrs of milk/day in banlalore?
Contact detail of that farm or lacation of that farm?


Hello Murli ji

kindly provide name of the companies who manufacture compounded cattle feed ?
What is byepass fat ? purpose of this byepass fat?


thanks for the valuable info…now after showing to vet milk leaking has stopped.

we have currently 3 milking cows want to expand to 10 in due course. for that we need to have proper housing. I see some modern hosing which have open to air on sides. how do they control the misquotes and any air borne dieases.

we are thinking of having 21 * 30 feet of parlour with tail to tail arrangement as its avoid any foot and mouth diseases.

2 row managers with 2 feet wide and 6 feet for cow to stand + 3 feet space for people to move around between tails of cows.

Issue is about the height of the exterior walls should it be 3/5 feet and mosquitio mesh above . and where to house the milking machine one corner or center of parlour.



What is the symptom of air born disease ?

Is tail to tail arrangement better than free style ?


Hello Vishal,

  1. Air borne disease are those which spread using air as medium…FMD and many other disease come under this category. So your first question is not specific.
  2. Whether it’s tied system or free barns… you have to choose Head to Head or Tail to Tail. How would you arrange for feeding cattles in free barns?? It has to be head to head or tail to tail. So your second question shows that you are confused.

Don’t take it otherwise but I would suggest you that rather than simply throwing questions over forums first try to find out answers yourself… at least by GOOGLING.

Check out this link : … using.html

Lot of companies in India right from Amul makes it. Godrej bye pass feed in pellet form is available. Buy it from the nearest source.

Murali Krishnan

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