Cow feed per day

How much did a single cow eat per a day. What are the items (Food items) did I need to provide to it from morning to evening.
Some one please list down the items. I guess this information will helps for all the starters of dairy farm.

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What is the feeding cost of HF/Jersey cow of 20lts yield per day including Green, dry fodder and concentrates.

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Vishal Goel

Hydroponic fodder
Is it a viable option for feeding dairy cow?

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It is discussed many times. Please go thru dairy resources thread.

For hydroponic fodder … -business/

Dear MR. Vishal Goel,

You yourself can answer all these questions with some effort.
First check out the Dry matter requirement of the cattles.
Dry Matter intake depends on weight of cattle, milking or dry , milk yield, fat content of milk, Lactation stage, number of calvings etc.
Body Condition Score is also taken into account in deciding the feed.

Just fulfilling DMI is not enough…you should know what all nutrients to be provided CP (RDP, RUP), TDN, Net energy (for growth, lactation, body maintenance), mineral and vitamins etc etc. All these energy and nutrient requirements will come through the dry matter itself.  Two or different combinations of different feeds with same DM doesn’t mean same constituent nutrients.

Next check out for the available feed (viz green fodder, dry fodder, concentrate feed) in your area or what you can grow on your fields. Try to know the DM% and nutrients etc. in those available feeds. Now you can calculate how much of what to be given for feed.
In this way you’ll know how much of green fodder, concentrate feed, mineral mixture, dry roughage to be fed.
Now it will be easy for you to calculate cost also.

Roughly half of the milk per day goes for feed…but can be optimized to a fair extent by practising good feed techniques.

Hope it helps!!!
Seniors and experienced person in farmnest community will help you in better way.


Feed is given for 2 reasons
1.  Body maintenance
2.  Production of milk

Maintenance approx. – 1.5 to 2 kgs
Production of milk: 1 kg for producing 2.5ltr milk (in cows)
                              During pregnancy add 0.5kg upto 6 months and add 1kg from 7th month
Self growth: Add about 0.5kg extra for young cows

I have taken an example for a cow yielding 15ltrs of milk

Milk production only: 8 kgs
a.  Maintenance : 2kg
b.  Milk production : 6kg (which is 15/2.5)
Pregnant cows: 8kgs as per above calculation plus
a.  Add 0.5kg upto 6 months = 8.5kgs
b.  Add 1kg from 7th month = 9kgs

Simple formula to calculate: 50% of milk production in a day + pregnant feed + self growth
  Which is for 15ltrs a day: 7.5 kgs + preg feed + about 0.5 to 1kg additional

This is what i was taught in the training i attended… hope this helps. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Hello Nithin

Cow yielding 15ltrs of milk required only  total 8 kg feed(Green fodder, dry Fodder & Concentrate) dairy???
i am confuse.

Kindly help…

8 kg of concentrate not entire feed
feed in general is concentrate
green[color=blue] FODDER[/color]
dry [color=blue] FODDER[/color]

How much quantity I feed to cows daily?
Green Fodder : ____ kg
Dry Fodder : _____ kg
Concentrate : ____ kg

cow giving 15 lts of milk /day
on an average it should get
40 kg of green fodder
6-8 kg of dry fodder
7-8 kgs of concentrates


But i did not understand what nithin said ??
kindly help me

first get a good training
you will start understanding lot of things
let me explain
a cow is giving 15 ltrs of milk
cow weighs around 400 kgs
so concentrate requirement  for 15 ltrs of milk 400gms/litre multiplied by 15 = 6 kgs
concentrate is also needed for body metabolic maintenance  that is 2 kgs
so in total a cow yielding 15 ltrs of milk needs 8 kgs of concentrate feeds
once the cow becomes pregnant it requires additional 500 gms of concentrate feeds /day for the growing fetus

cow also requires green fodder  10% of its body weight must be green fodder
2% dry fodder so around 8 kgs of dry fodder

so in total a cow yielding 15 ltrs of milk requires 8-8.5 kgs concentrate
40kgs of green fodder
8kgs of dry fodder
hope this helps

I think Nithin is talking about dry matter in feed.
As per his reply a cow required 8 kg dry matter per day yielding 15 liter of milk.

Am i right?

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