Cow Dairy Farming - questions on costs and loan

Hello All,
I am  interested in doing dairy Farming with 6 to 8 cows but i need to know the cost of single cow (breed i.e Jersey) and how much can i get the loan from the bank i have my own land and i need to know about the minimum cost of the shelter for the farming.
Thanks for your help.

Well come in to forum.
First get training on dairy if you don,t have agriculture back ground.
Jersey cow may cost you about 50k, yield may around 15 liter per day.
First fodder, then shed and finally purchasing of cows.
Loan can be availed for 10 cow unit, even you can get loan for the cows numbers you quoted.

If you provide your profile, then it will be easy for any one to advise you properly.
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Thanks for your below reply!!!

  1. I need to know the places near by bangalore where i can get trained on Dairy farming.
  2. I have my land in Sira Taluk,Tumkur Dsitrict and i need to know the breeds which can fit for our location and yield more milk.
  3. How much of land requires to start a farming for around 10 cows.
  4. How much it costs for building a good and spacious shed for the cows and other required instruments for farming.

Please help me for the above info and guide how can i proceed further.

Thanks for your time and help.


Hellow all,
                I am K.Muruguselvam i like to start dairy fram in tamilnadu (Nagapattinam). How can i get loan
and buying cow i need your proper information pls.

cell no; 09003514820

another question:

If some wants to make natural products from indian cow dung, cow urine and other natural ingradiants  like

  1. Cowdung’s tooth paste
  2. Panchgavya soap, cowdung base angarakh soap
  3. Incense dhup batti

What license one needs to aquire?