Cow Cooling Techniques

What are the cooling techniques that you follow to cool off your cattles during summer?

Is simply washing them once or twice a day okay? Is a fan/air cooler needed in addition to regular washing? what else can be done? I am searching for some low cost setup to cool off my HF/Jersey Cross Breed Cows.

The cow cooling system reduces the environmental temperature as well as cow’s body temperature. You have to install the cow cooling system. I am Dr.Dasharath I can help for the same. Call me on 9426366718.

Dear Prasham,
Apart from washing cow you have not mentioned about cow shed and environment around the area in which the shed is constructed. Your place and general weather conditions during all seasons etc details will give perfect picture of present situation for giving solutions of Heat for cow.

Can you collect all informations and get back for resolutions?

The best cooling technique is building a small pond next to the farm or growing grass next to the cattle shed so that it has the tendency for cooling

Hi Dr. Dasharath,
Can you revert with any ideas from you?

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High Humidity & High tem is a killing factor for cow. (Plese refer to Thermal Humidity Index for Cow, Search it in google). Cooling depends on the climatic conditions of your area. If the climate is Hot & Dry, foggers along with dairy fans is a very good solution. If the Climate is hot and humid you can go for sprinklers with fans.

Sumit Chandla

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as you may be aware though dairy is a big thing in india, it is disorganised and there are plenty of consultants who lack the field experience but come up with enticing project reports without bothering to educate the end user on the basics or the science

i appreciate that the answers to these questions may be available on the internet, but almost 90% of these answers as specific to climatic, breed and other factors in international diary operations. it would be good if we can get these answers from an indian diary operations point of view keeping in mind the localized environment, breeds and availability