Cover crops that do not grow more than 2-3 feet

Hello Everyone,

Is there any cover crop which may not grow above a few feet?


Try Green gram,Cowpea, horsegram.

Hari Devarapalli

What is a cheapest source for procurement?
How about Mustard? Does Musturd turn woody if ignored for a 4-5 months in stretch?


You can also think of Stylosantheus scabra/hamata etc also see below answers in blue.

Hi Sri, Thanks.

I read some articles about mustard being used as cover crop hence asked to see if someone has tried it here.

About procuring cowpea from APMC, any specific variety I have to look out for? I called up a few guys and they said that it wont be useful for cultivation.

Also the best rate I have got so far is Rs 80/Kg

seeds from APMC is not good for production but it is good for cover crops,(remember we are not looking for good yield).

Did you try horse gram? it should be around 250rs-300rs per quintal.

Thanks Sri.

I havent tried Horsegram yet. I had tried Cowpea last year in small sections and it helped a lot to suppress weeds. Do you think Horsegram would be equally good given the smaller leaf size? Is it woody in nature? I have to cover almost 4 acre so I would prefer something that doesnot get woody and it easier to remove.

No horse gram is not woody (i.e. if you leave it uncut after pods sets, stems wont get thicker). They just dry and get to soil on its own.

Thanks. Sounds good then

I will try  two acres with horsegram then and rest with cowpea. I observed the mangos saplings around which cowpea was sowed to respond fantastically.

What would be best time to sow? Just after first monsoon showers? We have light showers in our area even before actual monsoons arrive.

Next week is perfect time.

try gliricidia, or dhaicha…you can use as natural manure for your soul after one and half month