Cover crops for heavy rainfall area during kharif

Hello all,

I am looking for ideas for cover crop to increase soil organic matter and prevent erosion during monsoon. The land receives heavy rains (western ghats). The land will be tilled and crop will be buried in soil soon after the rains subside. I have a feeling that typical cover crops like Dhaincha or cow pea may not survive the heavy rain.

Thank you in advance.


Water logging may be a problem for crops but this can be avoided if your land surface is proper so that the water recedes and do not accumulate water.  For soil improvement, another person who has touched the same topic may be used for further information.

Since it is red soil water percolates in no time. But it also leaches away the nutrients. If we can grow cover crops during heavy monsoon and till it as rains recede that would compensate for nutrients lost by leaching.